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Version 2.0 is finally available, bringing many improvements:

– Rendering heavily optimized, almost 200% performace compared to v1.2
– Gameplay twist: the snakes can now see and destroy grouped crystals. Stun them!
– You can now upload your score to the online ranking system, at the end of the stage

This new version is available in the download section and also directly online!

You can now play the game right off your internet browser. Keep in mind it is around 35mb in size, so it is recommended you have a good internet connection to try it.
The standalone download version is still the preferred one for best performance and quality, available at the downloads section.

> You can play the web version here <
play the web version

Here’s a quick tutorial to clarify the unique gameplay of Chameleon Runners. We hope this helps, please spread the word about our game! We got a lot of feedback from people and these are the main points we felt we should make clear:

– Only Cammy (the slender female) can manipulate the crystals and form combos;
– Only Leon (the strong male) can break the combos and effectively gain points feeding the babies;
– Leon can attack the snakes to stun them temporarily;
– Bigger groups of crystals give way more points;
– From version 2.0 onward, the snakes can now find and destroy grouped crystals, so keep your eye on them!

Remember you can download the game for PC / Mac right now in the ‘Download Demo’ section!

The playable demo version is available to the public attending the FILE festival 2010! Thank you Tarsila, Fernanda and Fabiana for the invitation to the festival.

Chameleon Puzzle Runners is coming. You will play as both Cammy and Leon, in a quest for their babies’ survival confronting the evil Snakes who stole and imprisoned all the food inside magic crystals.

CPR is a an original idea by Philip Mangione ( being developed in a partnership with Webcore Games (

(for higher resolution video go here)

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