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Wallpapers for your desktop and iPhone

Wallpaper 1

Cammy and Leon enter the Snakes' Fort

Wallpaper 2

A Snake attacks!

Wallpaper 3

Building a yellow combo

Wallpaper 3

Aerial view

Wallpaper 5


Wallpaper 6

Leon's hug

iPhone Wallpaper 1

iPhone Wallpaper 1

iPhone Wallpaper 2

iPhone Wallpaper 2

Enjoy the music of CPR

You can play the game too!

The playable demo is available for both Mac and Windows PC. Try it now and let us know what you think by e-mailing us at !!

Windows PC Version:

Windows PC version 2.0 (new)

-older PC versions:

PC Version 1.2 / PC Version 1.1

Mac Version:

Mac Version 2.0 (new)

-older Mac versions:

Mac Version 1.2 / Mac Version 1.1

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